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Affordable Dental Implants

A tooth or teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons. Whether you have lost a tooth due to decay or an accident, replacing that tooth is a necessity. Leaving an opening where a tooth once was should never be an option, not just for aesthetic purposes, but for the good of your other teeth and your gums.

Finding a dental professional with experience in all types of dental implants is the key to dental implant success. Dr. Li is the professional you can trust, with more than 4,000 successful dental implant procedures to her credit.

Dr. Li uses high-quality, FDA-approved, titanium implants in all her dental implant surgeries. What sets Dr. Li and Cozy Family Dental apart from other local dental offices is not only her extensive experience, but her price. You can count on Dr. Li to be more than fair, and you will find that her dental implant prices are very affordable.

Dental Implants Done in Our Dental Office

Dr. Li is experienced in both dental implant placement and restoration, so there is no need to go to one place for one procedure and a different place for the other. Both procedures can be done by Dr. Li in our local Wayne, NJ dental office. Not only will that save you a lot of time, but it will save you a tremendous amount of money.

If you compare the price of dental implants at Cozy Family Dental to any other dental office, you will see that no one can compare to our low dental implant package price of $1,500. The price for our special dental implant package includes not only the implant, but also the abutment and the dental crown. So it is a complete package that will give you a new replacement tooth that will look just like your other teeth.

There are no hidden fees for our special dental implant offer. You will receive a free consultation for your dental implant where Dr. Li will tell you about the type of materials that will be used and the implant process, step by step.

If you are interested in our special dental implant package, please call our office for more information and to schedule an appointment for your consultation. Our dental office accepts most insurance plans and we will be happy to explain any payment options that may be necessary.

If you live more than a few miles from our local Wayne, NJ dental office, please send in your most recent X-rays and Dr. Li will be happy to look them over before you make the trip to our office. For more information, please contact our office.

Our Happy Patients

"I shopped implants for my missing two teeth for a while, and can't afford other offices' quotes. One my relative, who is a patient of Cozy Family, recommended Dr. Li to me. The price is affordable. A few months ago I got the implant placement, and last week I did the restorations. Done! Love my new teeth! Highly recommended! It's worth me driving 70 miles to the office."

Frank H. Frank H.

"I had a few implants from Dr. Li. Very nice results. Of course will recommend Dr. Li to my friends searching implants."

Leo P. Leo P.

"I have been Dr. Li's patient since the first day of this office. Recently she placed an implant on my low back missing tooth. I like it! highly recommending Dr. Li to my friends."

Yeva L. Yeva L.
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